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Adolescent Addictions

Course Overview


Why are adolescents susceptible to addictions?

Physiology of addiction.

What is addiction?

Stages of Addiction – Addictions and addictive behaviours.

How does addiction affect people’s minds?

Statistics for young people in the UK.

Risk and Protective Factors – Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Feelings association with addiction.

Behaviours associated with addiction.

Types of Addiction:


  • Education for young people
  • Statistics
  • Alcoholism – CAGE test for addiction
  • Assessment and interventions for children and young people who misuse alcohol

Drug misuse:

  • Categories of drugs and their properties
  • Cannabis
  • Heroin
  • Nicotine

New Psychoactive Substances (Legal Highs):

  • Types
  • Use
  • Risks

Treatments options for young people:

  • Alcohol treatment programmes
  • Drug treatment programmes

Motivation and addiction.

Further reading.

Feedback and conclusions.



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  • Duration: Half day
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  • Course Title: Adolescent Addictions
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