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Dementia Awareness

Course Objectives

  • Update and refresh on dementia awareness and likely effects on the individual (behaviour, thoughts, feelings, communication).
  • Consider overlaps, e.g. with mental health issues – depression, anxiety, schizophrenia; e.g. learning disabilities – Down’s Syndrome.
  • Manage the health of people developing dementia including noticing/responding to changes in an individual’s condition.
  • Going the extra mile: understand the importance of person centred approaches and offer appropriate practical and emotional support.
  • Consider and address the challenges of communicating with people with dementia, including capacity issues.
  • Identify individuals and organisations who can provide specialist medical care, information and support in relation to dementia.
  • Understand the possible social impact of dementia for the service user, family, and professional staff.

Course Overview

Introduction and objectives of course.

Empathy exercise – what might it be like to have dementia?

Quiz – Facts and myths about dementia.

What is dementia?

  • Statistics.
  • Types of dementia and symptoms.
  • Other mental health problems.

Other Factors affecting Memory in the Older Adult.

Diagnosis – signs and symptoms.

Treatment and care options – Anti dementia drugs.

Eating drinking and personal care.

The environment.

Impact/Effects of Dementia.

Loss and Grief.

Sexuality and intimacy.

Financial and legal issues – The Mental Capacity Act.

Communication and behaviours.

Rights choice and risk.

Mistreatment and abuse.

Person centred care.

Supporting and maintaining important relationships.

Techniques to help with memory loss.

Managing unusual behaviours.

Facilitating Activities Stimulate Mental Wellbeing in the Older Adult.

Additional Notes

  • Duration: One day
  • Certificate:
  • Course Title: Dementia Awareness – A Person Centred Approach
  • Course Ref:

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