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Healthcare Investigation Training using a Systems Based Approach – Two day course

About The Course

This course is  for anyone who might be involved in managing complaints and serious incidents. The course has an overview of complaint management and a more in depth review of how to conduct an serious safety investigation using a systems based approach within a health and social care setting. The course  The NHS Patient Safety Strategy 2019 and new Patient Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) and a very practical approach to learn the skills

The course follows and endorses current NHS Patient Safety Incident Investigation (PSII) guidance and  teaches recognised good practice approach(es) to systems-based PSIIs

This two day intensive masterclass will provide Investigation Skills  Analysis Training in line with the 2019 Patient Safety Strategy and subsequent guidance and  course focus is on understanding that healthcare systems that are founded on human factors principles can positively impact on safety by:


Reduction of harm through better design of healthcare systems and equipment

Understanding why staff  may make errors and how “systems  and human factors’ threaten safety

Enhancing teamwork and improving communication between healthcare staff.

Improving how we learn when things go wrong by improving current approaches to incident investigation



Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at senior managers and Team Leaders or anyone who might be involved in a patient safety investigation in health and social care.

Course Objectives

  • To Understand the importance of managing complaints systematically and the importance of being honest and open. -The duty of Candour
  • To understand the requirements of both OFSTED, CQC and NHS Commissioners
  • To understand the impact of Human Factors on adverse events
  • Gain an understanding of how to analyse adverse events and near misses that occur to patients in healthcare settings in a way that minimises threat to the staff involved.
  • Learn key concepts and terms involved in the new Patient Incident Response Framework
  • Be aware of some of the practical tools and techniques that can be used to carry out investigations of both complaints and patient safety incidents
  • How to arrive at meaningful recommendations which can be actioned by the team
  • To have an understanding of Just Culture and Duty of Candour
  • To understand how to generate effective improvement/solution generation and implementation

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide delegates with the tools and knowledge required to begin

leading healthcare investigations. It also strives to examine the difficulties with this process

and the importance of placing human factors at the heart of incident investigation.


The course will offer a practical guide to Investigation management  with a focus on systems-based patient safety investigation as proposed by the forthcoming National Patient Safety Incident Response Framework which emphasises the requirement for investigations to be led by those with safety investigation training and expertise, and with dedicated time and resource to complete the work. The course is based around case scenarios and on developing the practical skills required to undertake investigations whilst considering Human Factors and supporting families and staff as well as service users.

Course Details

  • Duration: 2 Days (12 CPD hours)
  • Max. delegates : 16
  • Course Title: Healthcare Investigation Training using a Systems Based Approach – Two day course

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