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Understanding Attachment Disorder

Course Overview

Introduction and welcome.

Understanding the process of attachment and how does secure attachment develop – including theories on attachment.

What are the types of attachment and why is it important?

Understanding attachment problems and disorders:

  • Difference between disordered attachment and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD).
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder defined by DSM-V.
  • Prevalence.
  • Presentation in Adolescents (Scott et al 2011).

What causes reactive attachment disorder and other attachment problems?

Effects of Deprivation or Trauma on later development.

Early Warning signs in children and risk factors.

Signs and symptoms of reactive attachment disorder.

Inhibited reactive attachment disorder vs. disinhibited reactive attachment disorder.

Supporting young people with attachment disorder.

Treatment options including:

  • NICE Guidance 2013.
  • Parenting Skills.
  • Family therapy and improving family functioning.
  • Anger Management and developing interpersonal skills.
  • Ameliorating peer group influences.
  • Individual Psychological counselling.
  • Special education services.
  • Medication.


Course Details

  • Duration: Half day
  • Course Title: Understanding Attachment Disorder

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