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Working in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services

About The Course

This course teaches various communications skills for working within CAMHS, including:

• Methods of communication for working with young people

• Building rapport

• A focus on diversity / respect and non-discrimination

• The importance of verbal and non-verbal communication

• The use of written communications including letter / email and texts

• Barriers to successful communication

• The importance of listening skills

Course Overview

The course also includes an in depth look into various aspects of adolescence, including:

• Definitions of adolescence

• How has adolescence changed?

• Early Adolescent development (social, biological, physiological and behavioural)

• Transition into adulthood with a focus on 16 and 17 year olds

• Paths and developmental tasks through adolescence

• Working with adolescents


We also look at the Seven Developmental needs of young adolescents of:

1. Physical Activity

2. Competence and Achievement

3. Self – Definition

4. Creative Expression

5. Positive social interactions with peers and adults

6. Structure and clear limits

7. Meaningful participation


Additional Notes

Types of mental health issues covered include:

• Risk Taking Behaviours

• Stigma and social exclusion

• Managing stress

• Signs, symptoms and treatment options for young people / NICE guidance for anxiety disorders, depression in young people, schizophrenia, personality disorders and conduct disorders

Course Details

  • Duration: One day
  • Course Title: Working within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

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