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Helping you solve the problem

At Gateway Consultancy we are skilled at providing support to companies that may be struggling with a particular issue. Our team of skilled consultants are experienced at helping clients to see the light.

We fully understand that some businesses become so engrossed in running the business, it can be difficult to see the problems that are staring them in the face and as a result, some businesses find themselves in difficulty – and when you are in this situation, often the perfect solution is a fresh pair of eyes.

What do we do?

When things aren’t going well, we provide all the support and guidance you need. Basically, we:

  • Identify problems and provide real, implementable solutions.
  • Provide the resources and support to enable you to solve your problems.
  • Consider the current company / organisation structure.
  • Provide suggestions on key issues.


Our focus-based solutions come from careful consideration of some or all of a number of areas that are often key to the overall success of a business. Any problems that need addressing normally come from one or more of the following:

  • Budget / Finance.
  • Marketing / Sales.
  • Wastage.
  • Sickness / absence.
  • Legal / employment issues.
  • Property.
  • Purchasing.

The above points are purely illustrative of a standard strategic assessment, however, there are few cases that are the same. We treat every business on it’s own merits and as ever business is different, so every solution to every problem must also be very individual.

Moving Forward

Rather than simply providing a quick fix, we find that most clients are happier receiving long-term support from us. We can create programmes of continual assessment, regular reviews and performance evaluation that really works – which also offers true value for money.

In addition, we can also create and maintain mentorship and advice/support programmes, all designed to ensure the continued recovery / success of the business.

Further Infomation

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