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Immediate Life Support

Course Objectives

Immediate Life Support (ILS) is a 1 day course accredited by the Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) and meets the requirements for Skills for Health.

The course follows the Guidelines on I.L.S. Defibrillation and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation in relation to adults 2021.

This enables candidates to demonstrate the knowledge and skills (in simulation) to effectively identify patients who are deteriorating or are in peri-arrest or cardiac arrest states and undertake effective Immediate Life Support (ILS) in a healthcare setting

A course manual will be provided, it is a requirement of attendance that this is read prior to the course. Delegates who have not prepared by reading the course material will not be allowed to attend and will still be charged.

The ILS Course is benchmarked against:

  • Resuscitation Council (UK) (RCUK) Guidelines (2021)
  • NICE Clinical Guideline 25 (2005)
  • British Thoracic Society Guidelines
  • CQC Brief guide [BG061]: Immediate Life Support (ILS) training for services that may use restrictive interventions, March 2020
  • Valid for 12 Months
  • Assessed by ‘Practical ILS Scenario’ and continuous assessment

The objectives of the ILS course are:

To train healthcare personnel in causes and prevention of cardiopulmonary arrest, the ABCDE approach, initial resuscitation and defibrillation (manual and/or AED), and simple airway management.

To train healthcare personnel to manage patients in cardiopulmonary arrest until arrival of the resuscitation team.

To train healthcare personnel to participate as members of the resuscitation team. RCUK

Course Overview

Causes and prevention of cardiorespiratory arrest

Skill Station 1: The ABCDE approach

Skill Station 2: Initial resuscitation and defibrillation

Skill Station 3: Airway and breathing

Skill Station 4: CASTeach Summary and debrief

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